Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day Trip to Bamberg

When our friends visited last month we took a little day trip to a town about 45 minutes away...Bamberg. And it was so cute! Very quaint and pretty, we had the best time just walking around and enjoying the beautiful sites. 

I mean how pretty is this...

 I just love all the little red rooftops. They are all over Germany and I think they add so much character to a home.

 These two guys were pretty happy to be reunited:)

 I will always be in awe of all the old buildings over here.
 ^^^can you see the leg sticking out at the bottom of the building? Look really close. There is a painting of a person right there and they decided to make it look a little more interesting^^^

 Look at those gentlemen carrying their "satchels". Otherwise known as the girl's camera  bags :)

 isn't it just so quaint and cute? we all really adored this place. 

^^^this little area is known as Little Venice. Such fun houses along the water^^^

 The boys using google maps to find a place to eat. Google Maps is a lifesaver when exploring a new town or city! I have a plan to do a post about it very soon.

 Roberto loves maps, like really loves them. He loves knowing every nook and cranny in a city which makes for a pretty great travel buddy.

How cute are these two lovebirds?!...

This was the perfect little town for a day trip! We went on a Sunday, so all the stores were closed, but we were completely satisfied just walking around, getting lost and enjoying all the beauty around us. If you can go on a day other than Sunday though they did have some really neat shops that would be fun to go into! 

We also enjoyed some delicious German food at a place called  Klosterbrau. So if you ever make it to Bamberg it is a must! They also have tons of yummy gelato places all around that are perfect for dessert. 
Germany has so many beautiful little towns all over that are so quaint, historic and really beautiful. You really can hardly go wrong. Bamberg is no exception. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there. It was the perfect Sunday afternoon!



  1. Those pictures were beautiful! The building with the leg is fantastic!!!


  2. Everything is so beautiful! Love all of the old buildings and the red roofs. It took me a minute to find the leg sticking out.. how random!

  3. sigh....i'm living vicariously through you!

  4. What an adorable town!! And I think the name of the town is fun, too. :) love the pics of you & Roberto! :)

  5. These pictures are so dreamy! What an incredible place to visit! :)

  6. Your pictures make me want to go to Germany so bad! My husband was born there and he would love to go back! By the way, I love your camera bag. Where did you find it?

  7. These photos are gorgeous! It's like a whole different world!


  8. Beautiful photos! Looks like y'all had a fun time with your friends in a gorgeous little town!

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