Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bahamian Honeymoon

For our honeymoon, we went to Sandals Royal Bahamian in the Bahamas! First off, I cannot say enough good things about Sandals. We always had wonderful service, friendly staff, amazing food and the whole resort, including the rooms, is beautiful! All Sandal locations are all-inclusive which is the way to go-especially on your honeymoon. Our agenda for the week? Tons of relaxation and pool time. And eating plenty of delicious food!

I think this was after 3 hours asleep. A very early flight but we were excited!!

We are here! You can hardly see it, but down that pathway is a hammock, a wonderful hammock. Pretty soon after we arrived, we decided to relax in the hammock for a bit. 5 minutes later we were OUT. Probably, the best 30 minute nap I have ever taken.

 A view from one of our favorite lunch spots...

Hanging out by the pool, our itinerary most days. Robert got to rap a little ice ice baby...

They had some sort of entertainment each night. It was always very fun!

 The view from our room. The color of the water was incredible. This was my first beach vacation and I was blown away.

 Room service. One of our best ideas.

 A huge perk- they have another island you can take a short boat ride to. We loved it there...

 The best part? There are hammocks everywhere. So relaxing. We also took a massage class and it was so fun! We learned the proper way to give back/head rubs, it was so great and helpful!

More food. I am telling you it was delicious. We were very impressed. Let's also talk about drinks, one of there famous drinks at the resort is a Humming Bird. A crazy combination of stuff but oh so good. That's the almost gone drink in the picture...

 my handsome groom!

The boat ride back was a little windy...

 One of our favorite things to do at night was to relax by the fire pits right next to the beach. Most nights with live music!

We got to go snorkeling one day and it was soo neat. I had Rob stay by me the whole time though, I am a little bit of a scardy cat, but I so enjoyed it at the same time.

Each day they had games like bingo by the pool. We also participated in some relay races with other couples, it was really fun!

So many gorgeous flowers...

One of our favorite meals. This night after dinner, we sat in comfy chairs and listened to jazz music.

yes, we did watch the NBA finals one night. Don't judge. 

My favorite meal. I got this wayy too many morning for breakfast. 

Our resort was in Nassau, the same place as the Atlantis hotel. I used to be a huge Mary-Kate and Ashley fan, so visiting Atlantis was a must for me. Holiday in the Sun, anyone? We took a little day trip to the resort, which we scheduled once we got to sandals.

It was very neat to see the resort, it is huge and pretty incredible. But it was also packed. The outside is basically a huge really nice water park. It was very different than what we had gotten used to- calm and relaxing. This place was loud and crazyy busy. After a little exploring and some water slides (so fun), we headed back to our resort early, but it was still neat to see.

A beautiful sunset on the beach...

One of the prettiest restaurants. The day you arrive you can sit down with a concierge and plan out where you want to eat each night. Some restaurants require a reservation, so you tell them what you want each night and they will set it all up for you! Easy peasy.

Our last day. Robert's face says it all. We were not ready to leave.

A few pictures around the resort. If you are thinking of this destination for a vacation?? Do it!

Of course, the traditional, write your last name (or the shorter version of it) in the sand picture.

We had such a fabulous honeymoon- it was the perfect time away and I cannot wait to go back one day! I sure do miss that place. Swimming in the pool, laying on the beach, pizza by the pool...does not get much better.

Any other questions about this resort? Shoot me an email!


  1. I never would have thought to consider a Sandals resort but after your posts that may have changed my mind! Y'all looked like you both had a wonderful time and you couldn't look more happy or gorgeous!

  2. What a dream! Talk about paradise... I'm thinking honeymoons near to become a yearly thing. Or maybe even more often than that ;)

  3. These photos are gorgeous!! It so beautiful there, the water in the Bahamas is so blue! I've only been on a cruise there but an all-inclusive like that is such a good idea!

  4. We went to a Sandals resort in St. Lucia for our honeymoon and it was incredible! Seeing all your pictures makes me want to go back! Absolutely perfect!

  5. Aww, definitely looks like a bliss-filled honeymoon!!

  6. this is amazing, i am so jealous! definitely on the bucket list. also, you are gorgeous! and you look amazing after 3 hours of sleep - thats not what i look like after no sleep ;) lol.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, AHHH I'm craving the beach like crazy! Can I just say, you look so beautiful and glowing :)

  8. Oh my gosh, this place looks amazing!! You are making me want to buy a plane ticket there right now! It looks like you guys had the best time and I love that you went to Atlantis! I've wanted to stay there ever since the MK&A movie way back when :) Oh and I love your white beach cover up! So cute!

  9. That looks AMAZING! Beautiful blue water! I bet you guys had a blast! Also love the white chandelier wearings you were wearing in one of you pics.

  10. Looks gorgeous! Love that clear blue water and the picture of your handprints in the sand with your rings :)

  11. Absolutely stunning photos! Looks like you had an incredible time. Looking forward to following along with you!

  12. I absolutely love the handprints in the sand with your rings! Such a cute idea! AND your honeymoon looks amazing...just incredible. AND your skin is flawless, how do you do it. Please share your secrets!

  13. You look like that after only 3 hours of sleep?? Umm, PLEASE tell me your beauty secrets, because that is just not fair!

    How fun that you got to go to a massage class! I think that would be a really great thing to learn. And definitely an important one for my husband to learn! :)

  14. Ahhh! What a BEAUTIFUL trip! Love all the pictures! Such beautiful scenery and gorgeous places to see! Thanks for sharing dear!

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  16. You guys are soooo cute!!! We got engaged this past February in the Bahamas so it's a very special place for us too! So many wonderful memories!

    Carly xo

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